Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Urdhvamukha paschimottanasana, Merudandasana

For me a balancing pose is an everyday challenge, being vata dosha et al. Some of my students slip into it like duck to water, being more centered, or being kapha (Same thing:).

So, in that sense, I enjoy balancers, the challenge there, the thrill of having made it for that day, so that something in my mind is clicked on and cleaned up-- maybe a bit more of stone and sand in that airy expanse! Breaking patterns, aha!

This one is the forward bend in the boat, called Urdhuvamukhapaschimottanasana (Upward facing forward bend), flowing into Merudandasana (Spinal column pose). Though I could hold both for short while, it is only lately that I am able to hang on there, with comfort.  It surprises me too!

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