Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Daily Health Gyan

Two  bananas can give u power for a strong workout or physical activity for about 90 mins. Sometimes a date or a banana before the Muay Thai class is what keeps me going: it is a crushing work-out, I am convinced mid-way that  I am going to collapse of a heart attack for sure,  since Biki does not give me even a half-minute break these days... He also does not praise me:( Apparently it will go to my head! So, given all these difficulties where my heart is pumping like a frog being electrocuted, my legs are shredding with pain and I am dehydrated completely with sweat becoming Niagara off me,  I cannot even eat a full meal because that will kill me for sure... So a plantain or a date strategically consumed half-hour before the work-out props me up..

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