Thursday, December 16, 2010

Daily Health Gyan

At a restaurant in the `far-off' suburbs of Kandivli (the far-off suburbs is the phrase used by South Mumbai journalists:) we once had mukhwas made of sesame seeds coated dusted with peppermint-candy powder. Wow. It was delicious. I remember the restaurant menu was drawn by Sanjeev Kapoor (yes, such things happen in far-off suburbs too:).. Any case, Indian mouth-freshners, they make me very proud -- I think, O, Wow, what an evolved civilisation we must have been, to create so many fantastic combinations as the humble mukhwas. Created at the time when western civilisations did not even brush their teeth (did you know Victorian England, they would not brush their teeth and doused themselves with perfumes just to mask the foul halitosis.. How did they make love I've always wonderered:?) 
If I can get to do a food feature (not the silly type where an uninformed writer choses bad stuff over good, and who will not  understand that thin-crust pizza is the real stuff and the creamy concoction we get is a souped-up Indian version meant to satiate a gourmand!)... yes, if I get to do a food feature, the one thing I will want to do is write reams about mukhwas.. U must check out the combos at food stores and malls... they are mind-boggling. Flaxseeds, sesame, pumpkin seeds, fennel of course..
Any case, sugar-coated fennel, yummy after food. Though I always wondered why fennel after food? Digestive, of course. Ups sexual desire (ahem). Plus, the main thing, it suppresses appetite. Maybe then u won't go for that second helping dessert.

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Anonymous said...

Shameem you mentioned Lion breath pose is warming .Can it be done as waking up or before asanas or before walk /exercise? without other breathing exercise.
Or should be done only before breathing exercise or meditation.