Thursday, December 09, 2010

Knots and hurdles on yogic path

Why did yoga admonish us not to get dragged into philosophical debates? Because it means u are stuck on the path...

Below I explain the three knots that prevent u from realising your full potential, spiritually  and yogically...

(So really, if anybody is holding a workshop on chakra and stuff, don't attend it... fellows have no clue.. it is all book knowledge and this stuff is too potent to for second-hand transmission...)  

Yogic practices were crafted to clear messed up energy channels of the body-mind unit. Yoga recognized three knots on kundalini’s path.

The first one, Brahma granthi at the navel, is the most earthly bondage of attachment, caused by personal restlessness. Most religious admonishments, including yogic yamas and niyamas of personal conduct, have to be followed to undo it. Only then you become centered.

Vishnu Granthi, the second knot, at the heart, is the most difficult one, since it causes pride in one’s background -- race, caste, religion. It is so rooted in one’s personal identity that most of us are stuck there, looking at the rest of the world through a spectacles of biases. Even the urge to preach your version of spirituality is caused by this knot.

The last knot, Rudra Granthi between the eyebrows, blocks with the sense of I-ness. As the kundalini rises, this knot unties itself. Unsurprisingly, the spiritual awakening of most religious leaders follows a trajectory resembling this rise of kundalini. When this knot is undone, one hits the bliss state, sublimating the petty self with the universal one – the final peak of human evolution...

Where we all wannabe! Knotted or blissfully free...?

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