Thursday, December 09, 2010

Tweeting today

That the `I'  is not different in any of us... the yoga of unity ... Imagine everybody gets into a rage about who yoga belongs to.. Some people want to be away from it because they fear it belongs to one group, and another does not like its modifications by those who are not born to it...

In hatha yoga pradipika, as well as in several verses by Shankara, there are serious prohibitions about getting into an argument or philosophical discussions. There is clearly some reason for that! "This thing belongs to me. It does not belong me." Such Arguments and angry debates belong to the realm of ego, not yoga:)  A contraction and blockage, at the Vishnu Granthi.

In all its modifications, it is still the one and the same... so says the crown jewel of discrimination (a yogic aspiration). Some quotes on how Brahman is one... and all..and my take, of course:)

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