Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Daily Health Gyan

This is just a rep image. But Pietersite, a gemstone -- from Namibia.. The lady who supplies these things to me, sold me (I am such a vaguo) two -- and I had spaced the buy, so could not recall that I have two Pietersites. However,  the second one I bought -- it is sooooo beautiful... there are shimmering bands of grey-blue which run over the stone, like a fairy-step, there and not there, delicate quivery bands of light -- how beautiful this is  .. teasing your sight. How can anything be so subtle, so beautiful.. mesmerising..

Any case, when I hold such a gemstone, it is easy for me to believe that it can have the healing qualities they say it has:
  • removes sickness from your body acquired from the past from not having spoken up (ha, the pain of that!)
  • it opens the third eye (hey, I want that)
  • is strenghtening to the spirit (I could do with that too:)
  • tweaks all the master glands so the repair and healing is thorough and covers the whole body! (Mmm, sounds like yoga)

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