Monday, January 17, 2011

Daily Health Gyan

For chest congestion wear fluorite -- it is a beautiful stone -- with brownish, green streaks on transparent crystal

I have broken a beautiful pendant. Then bought two in compensation (acquisitive yogi) then bought some more fluorite cabuchons.. they are very inexpensive and u can get huge chunks of that gemstone crystal that looks absolutely marvellous at your throat..

Now I have a cold pinching my throat (my dreaded, old enemy from the past, waiting at the wings to invade!) I keep all my fluorites  with me(also the sea-like gentle blue larimar, a gem from the Caribbean), attacking the cold from several sides (I went running at joggers' park with the cold breeze whipping into me, all of 2 kms, then had the tulsi-based adusol tonic, then stuck the sticky goo of vicks on my neck!!! )
 It is not a cold, really. Cold is when tears get suppressed I believe:) So yes, I confess to suppressing some tears because I feel a slight low at my baby going back to the hostel and I am thinking a lot of mystical thoughts about relationships and what we must offer to the idea of the that One ..
 Have u heard that fabulous song by Adi Shankarcharya?   Akhande Satchidanande nirvikapaika rupini: titled Parapuja. It is a  song of ultimate renunciation, I believe, even of the idea of a simple god.. what then of this sense of the 'I' and what then of all the feelings we have. Every thing must be offered up, all feelings too? I wonder, I wonder, and then, since I am still feeling and not renouncing, the cold gnaws at my throat, reminding what I may be required to do, as I rush along this path of yoga. So I suppress, and drink adusol! Wear fluorite... and plot to renounce...

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