Thursday, January 27, 2011

Today in class: I am a service center, yipee!!

Today Mansi and Prajukta were back in class after a longish gap, and we had a wonderful session...with Sonia now moving more firmly into the scorpion. Yes, she will be the first woman student to whom I would have taught the pose. Prajukta is boldly willing to try it, though it still disorients her. I have started Jit on it, and he hangs on with `sheer brute' (his words!) strength! Any case, Mansi said she enjoys coming to the class because I am like a Service Center... I wondered, sure it was a compliment, but trying to decipher that. She explained, and I quite liked that (EGO!), that they came to recharge their batteries at the class! Nice...Yes, I liked that comparision to a Service Center.. but it is Swamji's energy completely because not a second goes in a class when I don't touch base with him:) I do, because reminding myself that it is he whose energy is being transferred to students who align with the tradition, that for me is like a state of meditation:)

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