Monday, January 24, 2011

Today in class

Sharmishtha is moving slowly into mayurasana-- it is a difficult pose to teach. I have never got a woman into the pose for some reason, they go on wrists and then start complaining, so I had given up. Amitabh (where is he these days? missing class because he has discovered walking his way to health:) does a commendable mayurasana, very high and holds it long. Sanjeev Sharma also got it the first attempt and is/was good with it when I taught him. So I am glad for the `madness' Sharmishtha brings to the pose... needs courage, initially to withstand the pain and the anxiety of falling, face and nose down into the mat.. Good show, S!

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agent green glass said...

whee made my day. i think the madness is because i enjoy the class so much. and thank all my stars, that i have you to learn from. it's the most exhilarating one hour :)