Monday, January 31, 2011

Today in class

Actually, the other day in class, it was on Thursday -- I realise some of my batches are being neglected because I don't blog on certain days, or time of the day:( -- almost the entire batch in the Tues-Thurs evening  class stood in the titali in the headstand -- Petros, Nathalie, Simrat, Claudia .. And though Claudia worried about ever doing the side crow, she is up there, aloft, doing it very right indeed!! Which just stresses home the point that often we never fully realise what all we are capable of -- doing a tough, I-cannot-do-yoga pose opens up these vistas of the mind. Tomorrow will blog with a pix, with Claudia doing the side crow:)

This batch is a great batch simply because unlike other students in some other batches of mine this group, collectively and individually, likes the idea of increasing the duration in each pose instead of craving for variations. They will advance, even when I offer, into another variation only after mastering a pose, which means staying long in it. A variation or advanced pose is good only after the basic pose may be held for long. Only when u do that, do you get into that meditative feel in a pose. You `rest'  in a pose, with the sense of asana jaya (victory over the pose:). That gives the special yoga high!
And because of that focus and attitude, each of them invariably gets a tough pose in first attempt itself. It is a matter of constant wonder to me.. Claudia got the headstand, without any support, in six sessions, Nathalie got the crow in first attempt. And Petros finds the titali in headstand relaxing:) Simrat, she is outstanding -- she did the wheel variation in first attempt! And every other pose, she will get in first attempt. So much so that Petrol thinks, wrongly of course, that all Indians are that super agile or flexible or naturally aligned to yoga:) Now that of ability, that focus  -- for me -- is yoga:)

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