Thursday, January 27, 2011

Today's in class

Today, Amitabh was back, and in form! The other students love to have him about in class, really:) But who knows, with walking competing with yoga for his attention how regular he will be:) Antibiotics-hit Rima (she has been unwell) was touching her head to thigh in the surya namaskar's uttanasana, from the first set itself... which is like wow!!  Jit tried to race with Sonia in the walking wheel, and the poor lady, used to  feeling thrilled just walking the few feet up and down her mat, was surprised out of her wits... All three, Jit (though he crashed on his abdomen and invited a A-joke from Amitabh:), Sonia and Amitabh tried the scorpion, rather satisfyingly. I would think end of month (if the latter is more regular) they would all be able to stand in it without support... Teach, Pray, Hope!

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Anila said...

envy ,envy and more envy :-)