Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Today's query, yesterday's answer

Am blogging from my iPad and still getting used to typing with a single finger. So forgive the compactness of this answer and post. The answer is:exhalation corresponds to dispassion. And an ability to be objective. Since all of us are attached to something or react intensely to something .. Be it good or bad we find exhalation most difficult:) so sharmishta it's not greed but u came close in yr guesswork. It is a sort of attachment.

Today's query: What are the qualities of the standing poses? Interestingly there two qualities to these poses. Both opposite to each other. Think a bit as to what standing poses do to emotionally and how u feel at end of a standing balance?


Anila said...

Hi Shameem,

Read somewhere that the standing poses help us to mobilize and stabilize,mainly because they stabilise the spine and the hips and thus increase our mobility.

All of my yoga knowledge is 'acquired' from reading-your blogs being the main source of exploration :-) . Have answered most of the questions from memory of what I have read,so apologize for all those wild guesses ( I have never tried to google for the answer-coz that seems like cheating!) .


Shameem Akthar said...

Good guess Anila, but I am going to wait a while, with bated breath and hope, expecting a few more answers (in vain, mostly:)

And no issue about guessing or trawling the net... even the latter is ok as long as u think about what u do, which is more than what so many students, esp, the ones aspiring or are yoga instructors, do!!