Thursday, January 20, 2011

Yesterday's query, today's answer

ANSWER: U initiate a difficult move during exhalation. That is when the body is relaxed. Also, though various schools have various breath sequences (the headache for a teacher, when a smart alec student will make a big deal of this as if they are going to collapse because they are `breathing wrong':) the most common one to follow is inhale when your head lifts up and exhale when your head comes down.

What is the nature of the forward bending poses? Meaning, what impact does these have on your mind? Every pose impacts your mind. Some poses are stimulating and excite the mind. Some are soothing and destressing. Some are grounding. Some are balancing. If u do not understand these personality of the pose, it may be that you can aggravate a mental state. So, what is the personality of a forward bend, whether it is seated or standing? Answer tomorrow, but think about it:)


sonia said...

must be grounding cos i cant do it :)

Anila said...

Hi Shameem,
I've read your blog posts where you recommended the forward bends for PMS and other menstrual discomforts(its from my memory, so am not sure if it is right..pardon me) In that case, forward bends should have a calming and soothing effect,right?I dont know the answer, I am just trying to connect the dots here :-)


Shameem Akthar said...

Yup, it is indeed grounding! Calming, soothing, forward bends are poses of surrender. In certain situations, surrender is a matter of mental courage:) As in a relationship or in between a student or teacher (either way!)...