Thursday, February 24, 2011

Beautiful song: Madhurashtakam

It is always difficult to locate anything by Purshotam Das Jalota, father of
Anup Jalota on the net. So, when I went to Rhythm House, knowing Purshotamji's death recently would at least have made the music companies rustle up his music for sale, I asked, and got and bought a huge collection of his -- 16 CDs. I love his voice, the slight quaver, the huskiness of it even when he takes on a super high note. I have heard him sing Kabir Bhajans, and how it always thrills me to hear that quivery voice give the right sharpness and tartness to Kabir's words, his exhortations...

So, the first CD I played, it had this amazing song Madhurashtakam by Vallabhai Acharya of Pushti Marg, the who was part of the Bhakti cult. Purshottamji is singing it in raag Bhairav, but with a perky lilt to it. My music teacher Jayshriji is teaching me that song now, and I know it (yup, yup) almost by heart. It is giving me such a high as u cannot imagine. I have a good mind to take a begging bowl, dash off into the streets, singing the song happily, dancing -- in a rush of a lunatic yoga high!!

I could not find Purshottamji's version on the net, and have instead put this one my MS, another amazing rendition... The fine meandering that her voice takes on that mmmmm sound Madhuram.. enough to give u goosebumps.. Plus, the thing about a Bhakti song is that no matter to whom it was sung, or how old, or what tune -- u always relate to that absolute joy of connecting with something beyond this mundane world...

It is like that energy swims through the ages -- through the pen of the one who wrote the poem, the voice one who now sings it, into the ears and hearts of the listeners too. Electrifying and connecting all.

The funny thing is once u feel That, u sense it in everything: the irony is that I even feel it in the irritation of atheist Richard Dawkins in his books, as he thrashes mystics with his science... !!!

The mind of the yoga person begins to see the world so madly:)
Bliss in a song -- sounds like yoga zone:)

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