Saturday, February 26, 2011

Daily Health Gyan: Green green greeen...

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Outside my daughter's room, where I spend most of the time now that she is away, I can see a huge mango tree. She towers over the next building, sprawls into our compound from theirs. She sways in the wind, huge and confident, beautiful, lush, tiny flowers over which tiny sun birds sip their drop of honey.. or are they eating the flowers.  Bees are humming over her. I hear bats there at night fall. Daytime sparrows, crows, and huge, long-tailed, red-necked parrots unbelievably elegant and unafraid, squawk over some ripe mangos. It is a very soothing sight. I can sit there for hours, mind empty, but satisfied.
Green colour is used in hospitals and on medical staff (clothes/uniform) for its anxiety-reducing effects. It is also anti-depressant (our forest ancestors must have felt thrilled when they spotted lush green which indicated food and water sources for them:). It is de-stressing. It can heal, harmonise, create inner balance. The lemon yellow greens are said to uplift, and blue-green variety soothe... choose your greens wisely:)
And have green about u --- it has a sub-conscious impact: It was found that the suicide rate at the London Bridge reduced dramatically when it was painted green!!

1 comment:

Anila said...

Did you know that the 'yogis' in the west are into green too? They are fanatic about being veg, use only environmnet friendly objects and some of them even go to the extent of cycling to work daily :-)