Thursday, February 24, 2011

Daily Health Gyan L cranberry

Just for a lark I picked up a cranberry juice can because while PMSing, like a pregnant woman with aches and pains I need my khatta break. Having found that Nimbooz has sugar (so my daughter tells) I had to try another, unsweet option. The thing I like about cranberry juice, without having put a search on it in the net, was that I felt light and nice. It made me thirsty -- often I forgot to eat food or drink water if I am floating about. It is pushing my stomach in.. And despite reaching for comfort foods like Birdy's Almond rock chocs, my weight stayed steady! Then I felt all of this was worth a web search, and lo, it seems cranberry juice does scrape off stubborn fat. Even fights cellulite. Manages cholesterol. Is great for the skin... What more??

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