Monday, February 07, 2011

Today's query, yesterday's answer

ANSWER: Yes, it is an exhalation!

QUERY:  Why are advanced pranayamas not taught casually or must not be practiced for long periods of time -- meaning several hours a day? Choose from the following...

a) They have lots of contraindications, including aggravating physical ailments.
b) Can make you more withdrawn, preparing u for brahmacharya state of mind, from society.
c) Can cause excessive heat in the body if the preparation is not adequate, in terms of sattvic diet, keeping the mind pure (from distractions, like media exposure, gossip).

Let's hear it from u:)


Anonymous said...

all the three.

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Going with a.

Anila said...

Is there an option d)all of the above ? :-)

Thin Air and Beyond said...

yeah all 3 seem to be correct