Friday, February 11, 2011

Yesterday's answer, today's query

Answer: Two to three hours.
Why? Because the body's blood circulation can only handle a certain number of important tasks. Blood moving to your gut will block its flow to the limbs, needed if u are doing exercise.This can cause cramps, for those with incipient heart problems this could mean extra load on the overworked organ. For those who have acidity problems it will cause acid reflux. And instead of keeping food in the stomach it will press it back, in versions, down your throat, and can be dangerous if food slides into your lungs (one fellow died last year from eating and doing asanas!). Then, it disrupts digestion so nothing much happens to the food except it will ferment from not having been used/treated/digested as it should have been...

Query:  Why water may not had be had during asana practice?

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Thin Air and Beyond said...

drinking water cools down the body and counters the subtle energies that are at work while practicing yoga. and that isn't a nice feeling coz it that interference with those energies also is very distracting. also i feel drinking water between practice can result in gas formation and result in pain.