Saturday, February 12, 2011

Yesterday's answer, today's query

ANSWER: WATER  DURING  practice can send it back into the throat, lungs when doing inversions. Can cause acid reflux, if u are pitta dosha. And send food down, if there is that hanging about your stomach. Plus, the blood sugar can dip if too much water is had, which is a bad thing since sugar levels keep your stamina high... And too much water can cause water intoxication hyponatremia which can be dangerous for those who have used their muscles a lot... caused by drop in sodium levels (due to heavy sweating).
A full stomach, even with water, can hit retention. Holding breath becomes difficult.

Solution: Drink water before the practice, half hour. That should suffice. Sip before pranayama if u wish.

Query: Why should meditation follow asana practice, esp for beginners?


Anonymous said...

Calm the mind and bring focus

Anonymous said...

Hi Shameem...
thank you for your blogs...have been following it for sometime now. While in the past I have been regular at yoga,...I find it difficult to keep up my practice after the birth of my son. The only time I find is late evenings after he is asleep but am not sure what type of asanas would be best suited for before sleep. Would appreciate it if one of your blogs touched on this topic...thanks :)
p, chicago