Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Yesterday's answer, today's query

ANSWER: Meditation is a higher practice, 7th. Dhyana  Visualisation, is the sixth step, Dharana.
In Visualisation, mind is being entertained. It is being trained to focus (Dharana). Manolaya (Absorption of the mind). Anybody can do it, if the method is good and the transcription fine). It is easy.
In Meditation, mind is watching itself, detached largely. (Dhyana). This is a disturbing practice, and not for everybody who is not ready for it.
First the mind must learn to focus on itself, before it learns to watch itself, before it proceeds to destroy itself. (Manonasha -- mind is destroyed).

QUERY:  Who must not do meditation? For whom it is contraindicated -- physical condition, and the mental condition for which this is contraindicated?


Anila said...

Mental condition - Depression and schizophrenia. Not really sure on the physical conditions..

sonia said...

Meditation should not be done in a state of depression