Saturday, February 26, 2011

Yesterday's answer, today's question

ANSWER: Because by evening the body is switching off. Sending so much blood to the brain will stimulate it, keeping you awake. Plus inversions push things back into the body: u don't want to do that when the body has begun its process of pushing things out, by night fall, preparing itself for evacuation.

Why Mayurasana (peacock pose)  must not be done before an inversion?
Think a bit about the pose, the pressure applied, and connect a bit with the answer above... Yoga is a well-crafted science.. Unfortunately, it is not being taught in a structured fashion (except by the Sivananda school) with the sequences in place. Though other schools (Iyengar, Bihar School) discuss this in theory, I am not sure in a classroom a sequence is followed with such nuanced detailing... so u want to know these things to maximise the benefits. And maybe instructors stop being such blah types:)


Anonymous said...

iyengar school gives importance to technical perfection only. No sequence is followed like sivananda.

Anila said...

mayurasana is a purifying pose,increase blood circulation and hence releases toxins- If you follow it up with an inversion, you send all the toxins right back again..