Friday, February 25, 2011

Yogic tip for the day

Bhramari can keep your voice young. One of the thing that ages fast, and which u are not quite aware of,is your voice. Which is why, when we hear an old person on the phone u realise that person is old, just hearing the voice. This happens because the vocal chords become flaccid with age, as with the rest of the body. Just talking is not exercise! Controlled exhalation -- as in singing and bhramari -- muscles the chords once more, keeping them young. Apart from that Bhramari keeps you looking young due to increased nitric oxide levels at the nostrils. This has an impact on blood vessels inside, helping them draw up greater percentage of oxygen. Plus the sinus are cleansed, as with a vaccuum cleaner, of a lifetime of junk.... Savvy??

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