Monday, March 14, 2011

City blog: parrots outside my window

Here, on parrots outside my window, in my Mumbai blog. But those parrots will go as will this house where I have been only for a year... Mumbai and trees? Despite the lack of ecological awareness, this city rocks with some exciting animal life. I recall doing several `City animal' pieces for Sunday Times. The political journos used to say I was a fluff writer... but I rather write about such things than obsequious crap about politicians, what? So while a feature writer I revelled in writing original pieces (political reporters used to rehash agency copies and then add their two-bit to it, where the politician who `favored' them was painted as pristine pure:) I'd written about unusual animal life in city (cranes, owls,  strange butterflies, moths --  have u seen the Moon moth, it is almost a foot across!).. Then, one on Lemon yellow butterflies... and so on. Here, my requiem to the poor parrots which will soon lose their home, near my own window..


pfamily said...

these are the Indian rose ringed parakeets!
most mistakenly call them parrots.

Shweta said...

You are moving out? How sad ! I hope somewhere in Bandra. I will be back soon !