Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Daily Health Gyan: hot water

My mom, in the usual manner in which a timid woman will describe a strong mother-in-law, believes that hers tortured her by giving super-hot bath for her babies, including I. Even now, nothing pleases me than scalding hot water while bathing! Really! So maybe my mom was true, that my grandmom dipped us in hot water just to have my mom wince:) Any case, as I said I love hot-hot baths. And apparently that is not such a good thing. I have been told that my extra dry hair is also due to that:( As well as the red nose! Apparently, too much heat can open up pores so bad, that they make u look bleary red! Read it in the BT today -- the only thing worth reading there, over the PR handouts -- is the rehashed health pieces:)


Geeta said...

Yes, true..the last rinse should be with cold water, so that pores are closed and moisture is retained in the skin and hair and gives it a glow n shine, keeps it healthy. (secret of staying young:-) )


Anila said...

Gosh! I thought i was a crazy person because I love to bath in scalding hot water :-) I am glad I have company..And yes, Geeta is right about using cold water to keep the moisture intact..But then,when was I bothered about 'looking' good as long as I feel god :-)