Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Daily Health Gyan

The health capsule in the Bombay Times had a sensible tip: I was just discussing that with a student, about weight gain and how it can compromise heart health and longevity. One of the local yoga institute heads,  this person is always talking of mind control but has a huge girth. Cannot imagine what mind control there is in unrestrained weight gain and eating. Not that I mind the person's girth. But I am making a deal of it, because this institute is constantly running other yoga schools down -- so really, why do that when u are not purrrfect yourself, personally??
 Any case, if u are indulgent about being heavy set, think again. The BT capsule says that the only main indicator to longevity is leanness… Other things are relative! So think thin…

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Anila said...


Have you heard of 'Curvy Yoga' ? check this link out

i think the people there would have a few words to say to you :-)

But then when i saw an ad in one of the yoga centers that had this 'curvy yoga' ,I asked them the question almost everyone asks - if someone does yoga regularly,how would they be wide in the middle? Then either they don't do it regularly or they are simply not doing it right :-) what say?