Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I should be back tomorrow:)

Sorry guys. Big male ware attack in pc, so took a break. Plus malware attack in my mind too:) u know when u feel dark and dangerous? And feel u are giving,giving,giving and get exhausted from that giving. Which is all nonsense of course. U feel exhausted giving only when u give what is yours. I have only shared what belonged/belongs to others, whether in my class or in my yoga writing, taking from those who were better and higher than me. So the dark mood has passed!

In this period of silent churning I managed to Read The immortals of Meluha By Amish . It is a trilogy, dealing with Shiva as a human being, and concepts of evil and good. (Btw u should pick it up. Is an international best seller). Also while sulking with the world (which these days has dwindled to just my poor students:)I restarted on The supreme yoga: yoga vasistha translated by Swami Venkatesananda and got too blissed to remain in my dark cave:) on top of it reading Die o yogi die by Osho which dicusses the immense yoga philosophy of Gorakh and am even more blissed! What a way of life this yoga is, na?
Gorakh says that when yoga hits the yogi he "releases his embrace". He can see the worthless for it being worthless and lives like a child, free. He stops living in the past and the future. And feels the present completely. Yet this yoga of freed love is like "riding a wax horse through fire" . So, yes, that feels like a worthy goal to pursue. And to reach there Gorakh says if others become fire u become water. Mmmm, what tremendous thinking.. Will blog on this further. So yes, tomorrow am back for sure. More intact. More empty:)

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Anila said...

come back soon :-) Missed the posts!