Thursday, March 17, 2011

In class

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Some days, I feel I need serious counselling:) Otherwise I also should start doing power yoga classes. Mindless, and easy, and then I don't have to bother about certain things in a class ...
Or I need to set up an association titled Harried Yoga Instructors' Group! Or I must simply get admitted to some psychiatric ward as a retreat to unwind(ashrams are even more mad, even more political and silly at a certain point in your spiritual growth!)

Any case, I am just letting off... I had decided I won't write negative stuff about my classes... Yet, some days do try u a lot...

My affirmation on such days has been: "Shameem, think only of the positive things, think only of those students who are in the same yoga zone as you... (Inevitable, wicked counter thought: How many such students exactly?!!)

... So, yes, all of u can think I am having a blast, specially  so many of my students who want to become instructors because no doubt they see me overtly having a great time walking about looking important and ordering students about, not doing any pose, but making others do it, then talking down to people and earning some nice pocket money on the side... and chilling out too ... Yeeee! What a life Sirji!

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