Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Sadhana! Sadhana! Sadhana!

Practice is all.
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I could be even ranked as a harsh teacher. These days, of course,  I am not so self-righteous as I was when I started:) So I am less harsh...more  indulgent since I can see where each one is stuck. Everybody wants something out of their yoga practice... but till u practice, the yoga zone will be denied. I realise a lot of what I say about yoga just runs off people's back, while water off a duck's.. So, I am trying to muzzle my enthusiasm these days ...  Yoga is not in everybody's karma:) And who am I to change their life's pattern?  I just want to practice, create my zone, and share, occasionally.  But those who do not practice daily have no clue about yoga.. (Would this include yoga teachers also, who don't practice? Your guess:)

A few paras(in itals)  from an article I wrote once, on sadhana...

In any martial arts, emotions must be laid aside so you enter a mushin state (Japanese for no-mind state). In yoga, this state is citta or pure consciousness. American Joe Hyams while learning this technique asks his teacher how one acquires `mushin'. Only through practice and more practice, responds his teacher. In other words, through sadhana. Hyams writes in his book, `The Zen in Martial Arts', that this state of awareness, gained through constant practice or sadhana, also helped him deal with any acute pain. Once he refused a pain-killer the dentist offered, practicing the art of shifting his thoughts to somewhere pleasant, shutting out what the dentist was doing. His mind was so taken up with this task that he did not even realize the dentist had finished his work. Of course, he could not have done this without practice. The mind is the most difficult to train. Only daily and steady sadhana can help gain such control.
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People talk so much, know so much, do so much. But there is no big high than discipline. You become naturally good, naturally energetic, naturally creative, naturally strong only through practice. Others who talk without doing remain in some comfort zone, including of sickness, but the flatulence of their mind buoys them away from the yoga zone:
Our sages were clear knowledge was useless without practice.   Here is confirmation from Advaita Bodha Deepika: "The knowers say that like a dog delighting in offal, the learned man who who does not practice also delights in external pleasures. Though always busy with Vedanta, reading and teaching it, he is no better than a mean dog."  
Here is wishing that you have good karma to have good yoga in your life:)


Anonymous said...

what happened?

Anila said...

Nice one Shameem.
Celebrated my 29th birthday with a bout of viral fever :-(
So need to catch up on all the posts and of course, need loads of good karma to recover..Before I read the post,I was complaining about how i could not practice all of last week bcos of the fever.. then realised, well..i dont need to be doing pranayam or asanas to practice. I could just close my eyes and do my practice.. I did just that and it felt like I was back ! Thanks !