Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Tattooholic:) my second one, a trishul

Yes, that is my trishul tattoo, second one, done this saturday by Zaheer Chatriwalla ( U can reach him at Kraayonz Studio, 16th Road, he works with Sameer Patange, who runs the studio, and if u type Sameer Patange's name on google u will get his website and contact details;  and Sameer is apparently a celebrity in his own right:) This one took us four hours, and almost 90 minutes before the actual work started,  to decide on its details individually:)  Zaheer is very meticulous and wanted the damru right, the  trishul detailing he took from various trishuls so it looks elegant. He believes tattoos can be boring or kiddish, if not done with an artistic flourish. He did my first one too, a stunning Buddha face:)

The reason I selected the trishul was because I am naturally prone to selecting Shiva bhajans when I go for my singing classes and I love him amongst the triad. He stands for deep things, and more accessible divine qualities that is very yogi.

Trishul, I found out, represents the divine slashing of the three gunas -- rajas, tamas and sattva (action, stillness and harmony). It transcends these three states natural to human beings, and reaches u towards divinity.  So also it represents the three states of creation, maintenance and preservation. The middle blade is longer because it is where the ida (left) and pingala (right) reach in a state of harmony in yoga, at the sushumna, the central nadi. Also, it is in this state of natural flow in the sushumna that the sixth chakra -- ajna, the chakra of intellect -- is pierced.

Damru, which Zaheer had done with equal flourish, is said to represent the manifest and unmanifest conjoined at the center. Apparently the two drums of the damru have different sounds, but when u beat them, they resonate as one sound -- representing that  beautiful concept of ardhanareshwara where again the female and male principles(or disparate qualities) meet to create one complete being. Also, the damru beat of Shiva is the sound of creation, where, even as the Bible says, in the beginning was the word, and the word was with God! The damru beat is said to have let loose creation, as well as the syllables of sanskrit. The maheswara stotra, said to be based on this,  has unconnected sounds of the Sanskrit alphabet which run as one sloka -- it is an amazing stotra to learn because the different sounds are difficult to prounounce together, and are deliberately tongue-twisting. The focus needed to pronounce them right is said to harmonise the mind...

So, yes, my addiction to tattoo art means I still have a Christian symbol and an Islamic one to `fix' on my skin. Then finally, a huge yoga one... But by and by... :)


Anila said...


Its Beautiful ! Be Sure to keep it out of the sun for some time..


Shweta said...

Wow !! I like this one ! Cant wait to see it in person.

kraayonz tattoo studios said...

A Very nice experience pubshilshed n well thaught off ideas transformed into ink! Good luck to u mrs. shameem n may u get d best life has to offer :) Thanks again for your humbility for emphasising on my work ! i really appreciate it very much !

Anonymous said...

A very precise, well written sets of beliefs and ideals which were transformed into ink ! May u get the best life has to offer mrs. shameem, n family ! Thank you very much for your humibility for mentioning mine n my studios name and also for complimenting so much about my work !I really appreacite it very much ! Congratulations on ur second ink n thank you very much for choosing me as ur artist:)

Anonymous said...


I LOVE this tattoo. I have been searching for a great trishul design for a few months and I think this is the best. If you don't mind can you please share the detailed pics of this tattoo? I know you guys must have worked so hard for this design and I completly understand if you do not want to share it. I would have def come to you guys to get my tattoo but I live in US and I don't think its practical for me to come to India to get this on my skin. I really appreciate it if you can share the design. Here's my email - patelneeraj13@yahoo.com

Oh man, this design is awesome.

Thanks anyway :)

- Neeraj

Amit said...

Fell in love with the tatto at first sight.
i intend to get the same one re created on my arm with your permission.
pls leave me a message if you dont want it re done.

Shameem Akthar said...

U can get in touch with zaheer chatrwala about this...he is the tattoo artsy.. Here is his email ... Email

milind said...

Shameem Beautiful tattoo if possible for u den can u plz send a proper pic of your trishul tattoo on my email id indijazz@gmail.com

Looking forward to your mail.
Thank You

DevilHead said...

hey nice on !!!!

pls could you share the design email ????

i had been seraching web for 8 hrs but not found one single design... everytime i come n stop by your tatto pic..

mail : devilheadtushar@gmail.com

Deedee said...

Love the Tattoo, can you email me the picture if you don't mind. Will appreciate the favor.

Ram said...


I have been inspired by your tattoo,with the amount of detail in it and your explanation to it..

it would be kind if you could send the proper image or the working file to me.
Email Id : mailramganesh@gmail.com

looking forward for your mail...