Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Today's query

Praise somebody and they take pot shots at u!! Anila!! Any case, having the female problem, net is down, new students, and pretending to be superwoman -- all of this can affect your memory... So I admit to becoming slack:)

Today's query
QUESTION: What is the quality that  backbend(bow, cobra, wheel, etc)  is supposed to inculcate -- chose between the following

a) Stimulation, mind's exhilaration b) Fearlessness c) Openness of thinking D) Boosts Vata dosha -- the air element of energy

(Btw seems like only Anila is reading this blog, though I can see from the sitemeter there are so many footfalls -- U guys are all scared of me or what?:) U never point out my errors!!)


Anila said...

Since backbends are done against our natural tendency to hunch over, it liberates the mind. So i feel,options a,b and c are right..I'm not very good with the doshas though...so am not sure if the fourth one holds true too..

And thanks for all the complements you have been giving me .. Its a real honour :-)


lakshmi said...

Openness of thinking

Geeta said...