Thursday, March 24, 2011

Twitter: Gorakh, O Gorakh!!

Am currently smitten with Gorakh. Though Kabir (how strange that commentators insist that Kabir admired Gorakh... I must check that out, because I recall a verse where he laughs at Yogis like Gorakh for contorting themselves and that it was not necessary to do that to go to where yoga must lead u:) I find that Gorakh is in a zone of his own. Die O Yogi Die the sweet death (of letting go of this worldly attachments he talks of, for dolts who don't understand the word Death in yogic context:) ... So here a five/six  of his verses, borrowed from Osho's book...
He is also, btw, a Chiranjeevi like Hanuman, Babaji -- Siddhas who have never died and whose energy u can access by just thinking of them:) Btw. Alandi, in Pune, where I go for Vipassana, there is a shrine for him, as well, it seems a  cave near Vajreshwari off Mumbai, where Gorakh was said to be in a Samadhi... I never knew. Such ignorance!!!

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