Thursday, March 24, 2011

U wonder if I am really dispassionate?:)

If any of u wonder if I am really dispassionate, u simply must read the nasty comments that get posted on my writings... Earlier ones used to be vulgar too.. Nowadays, there is some sort of monitoring, but obscene things still get posted under the guise of genuine comments:) Am I dispassionate?:) Read the comments... A regular duck's back is what I am!!!!Water on lotus leaf... no less!!


Anila said...


I read the comments yesterday, and wanted to jump in and defend you on an impulse- but then I thought, you dont NEED any defense. Let the dogs bark all they want at the elephant.

The one that got me laughing though was the guy with the Omkara Sadhana. They just assume that since you are from a different religion-you would not know anything..And another one from the same guy
"You cannot do Yoga sitting on a stool with your hair open".Oh I am so sure those Maha Rishis who practiced yoga were sitting on flat grounds in the forests and pinning up their hair with butterfly clips while wearing full sleeved shirts and pants so as to not show off their butt and bossom!aarghhh!
How stupid!!!

'Inhalee..exhale..forgive' :-) They wont come to their senses EVER..
Meanwhile, try to get rediff to disable the message boards for your columns! :-)

Shameem Akthar said...

Thanks anila. No am not bothered. And no I had asked redid to take off the vulgar ones and they try:) but the earlier columns in redid still have some obscene comments. :) and yes I don't waste my breath on such crap for sure

Rajkumar said...

Come on M'am.. Wht people comment/think of us is none of our business

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Hi Shameem,

I am usually a silent visitor to your blog and your rediff article. But after reading all the nasty comments on rediff today, felt like reaching out.

I am sure there are many out there like me, who support you and reverently read your articles. I still say a thank you to you in my mind before I start my daily pranayama pratice (I learnt it from you in Mumbai 5 years ago).

We are all behind you!