Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Yesterday's answer, today's query

ANSWER: Thanks to  u all who took on the query, esp Lakshmi and Geeta. Good try, correct too, though actually all the qualities are included... Backbends are difficult because these qualities are difficult to sustain, maybe?

A simple query below
QUERY:  Makarasana/crocodile pose promotes breathing from which part of the body: upper body chest (Shallow breathing) or stomach (deep breathing)?


Geeta said...

Stomach breathing.


Geeta said...

Hi Shameem,

I had read that the cobra pose gives courage in your article published in Pune Times (badly needed courage then) way back in maybe 2002-3...every monday I think your column would come. I used to wait for those....sarvangasan makes you humble and many more such....I was totally awed/fascinated by the mind body connection you wrote about..I had just started learning yoga then..still have those clippings of your articles filed neatly in my Pune aptmnt (I live in Bangkok since last 3 years). I was awestruck/mesmerised by you and wrote a mail to you then thanking you.. (Don't know if you got it then)but could not establish contact as I, too, got busy in career and 2 children...when i came to Bangkok, I found your blog and since then have been following it..and really enjoying it. Thank you! :-)


Anila said...

I have felt my stomach 'breathe' while doing the pose- so my answer is also the stomach :-)

Geeta, welcome to the fan club and yeah,you are right-Shameem IS superwoman :-)