Monday, March 28, 2011

Yesterday's answer, today's question

ANSWER: Yup.. Mudras lock the expansion of energy created during pranayama. Each mudra also activates key points in the hands that are linked to the nervous system (the biological homunculus man, the map of the body in your brain). Plus they are also related to the elements -- a psychic euphemism for hormones that are represented by certain traits -- so each mudra also controls certain elements to give u a state of mental balance that is ideal to a practice where the nervous system is being tweaked so powerfully...

QUESTION: The most common mudra -- tip of index finger to thumb -- has two properties. If u press the index finger to the thumb a certain thing happens that is opposite of what happens if you just touch the tip of the fingers. Meaning there is an universe of difference between how u hold this mudra -- touching and applying pressure? Do u know the difference??!!!!

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Anila said...

Nope I dont :-( but I am going to start searching the web for answers !