Monday, April 04, 2011

In my class and Yoga in a film:)

Today was Gudi Padwa, Mahashtrian new year.... and I did not expect my Maharashtrian students to land up... but they did:) Prajakta Potnis and Manasi Salvi.  They did because they wanted to start the new year with yoga... Now u know why I feel aligned with my students? They think about yoga the way I do:) Manasi's film Sadarakhshanaay (Marathi) was released last Friday... and I went to see it yesterday, at her personal screening. It was a knock-out film, amazing story (by Vikram Labhe) and amazing portrayal.

 I did not know anything about Manasi's acting abilities.. I see her usually doing her yoga meekly in her corner, hardly speaking and mostly not laughing at my jokes:)  Then I see her, in the film,  transformed, her body language morphing her from a pretty woman into a tough super-cop, handling several moral issues. She was mind-blowing!!!  Here is my review of her film, on I have raved, yes!!  But not just because she is my student. But because the story was worth telling. And worth hearing. And she told it well.

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