Friday, April 01, 2011

The yoga of shitting on time! Early morning, go for it:)

Everybody thinks I am fanatic who preaches impossible habits,that are difficult to sustain. Mmm, I don't think so... For instance, when u were a kid, and had to study late, u did that, right? Discipline is just prioritising...

So, in adulthood u realise that continuing to do things the way we did as youth won't work. Your body does not have that capacity for cleaning up itself as it did in youth, when abuse of your insides was ok. Now, if u continued living your life  in your thirties(or above -- have u noticed how people either become disciplined or slowly wither away in their forties:) as if you were an irreposnible collegian on a juvenile high,  it just means you are super-dirty. I mean that literally.
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You are just a sewer-tub, which is covering up its malador with designer clothes, smart talk and expensive perfumes!! If a sewer-tub did all that and managed to pretend it was pristine clean toilet seat, then, who is going to believe it? So, a sewer-tub is a sewer tub is a  sewer-tub, all its efforts notwithstanding. I hope that I have emphasised that point enough:)!?

That is why yogic habits are easy for me... I want to be a  flushed-clean toilet, not an overflowing sewer tub whose contents are backing up on itself.


Here is science to show why if u did not manage your life enought to be able to wake up in the morning you are indeed that tub u don't want to be...
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Excretion News!
  • The reason yoga advises early rising is also due to the body clock: from 4 to 6 am is colon time. During this time elimination and excretion is advised since the body is prepared to throw out its wastes then. Sleeping through this time means the water from the accumulated toxic waste is reabsorbed by the body during its forced rest. 
  • Dr Robert E. Svoboda in his book Prakriti,  “Awaking before sunrise permits the body to begin to synchronise itself to the rhythm of the sun. Also, vata (wind element) whose qualities of lightness and irregularity do not encourage good sound sleep, rules the last portion of the night. Since vata is also involved in elimination, the pre-dawn period is the best time to try to eliminate the body’s physical and mental wastes. Proper elimination also helps remove the kapha that naturally accumulates overnight.”  Here the wisdom of ayurved and yoga combine to reason out why early rising, early yoga practice and meditation are good for the health of the body and mind. 
 Cogitate on this:
  • Diverticular disease (that is that yucky thing where bad things flow back into the body, through cuts where they should not be), diabetes, arthritis, circulatory problems are some not so nice things associated with bad bowel habits...
  • Toxins that should be released get reabsorbed. (Colon takes water back from the crap moving alongs its length).
  • Your crap has now become more hard, more cemented, and its passage out, more difficult... Yowww!
Point taken???

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