Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Daily Health Gyan

At Pali, one of the luxuries is food... u get any thing and everything and list of gourmet stuff is endless.. Now after having bitten into fruit-flavored cheese nuggets, I have discovered goat cheese, paying a bomb for it (Almost 400 bucks for a small satchet). But I found out this about goat cheese that makes me wonder if I should charge my students more (so I can afford goat's cheese on a more regular basis, I mean!:)
  • protein content in goat cheese twice as much as in cow's
  • cal content one-third less than cow's
  • cholesterol and fat globules less than all other cheeses
  • is closest to human milk 
  • is more easily digested, plus best substitute for those with milk intolerance 
So, if any of my students are reading this, hey, be prepared for a fee hike:) 

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