Thursday, May 26, 2011

In class, new and willing students

New students. Suzanne, who tries through her sniffles, with a wonderful, willing-to-try attitude which is all what a teacher wants. Shruti, nervous about this genre of yoga but convinced it might be what she wants. Alessandra, young, flexible and fearless -- did the crow in first attempt. Avriana also beautifully focused, willing to reach, to extend herself.  I want only students who are willing to learn. Not fussy, huffing-puffing,  regressing ones. ... These types drag the rest of the class down. Plus, try hard to drag the teacher down with them!! When I am met with this latter type, I secretly wish them away, and they also drop out... best for  both of us!!


Anupam Singh said...

Nice work of spreading this valuable teaching.

Anila said...

Best of luck to all the new students! Their life is about to change :-)