Tuesday, May 10, 2011

In class

Lots of absenteesim.. Also new comers in the evening slots. Oh, the other day some new comers came, and then disappeared, as a bunch!! I wish when they come in, they will let me know if it is for a trial class... they get a full class and disappear without a say so, or paying!! The latter really pisses me off... because hey, u cannot go to a restaurant and eat and walk away, can u? I mean, esp if I am giving them more attention as beginners... some people are such discourteous slobs!! I have to tighten up this part of myself... become a bit more commercial, whatsay!! ?? Oh, there are also others who disappear without a trace after weeping to me about their household problems etc...and being rather good students... I find that sort of behavior also strange:) I mean, for me at least, it is a reflection of lack of courtesy... or am I being just a reactive, PMSing yoga teacher?!!
Lavanya the kid is shining, with love for yoga.. makes me feel better just thinking how reacts to the yogic mind-control tricks. She got the basic crow today on first attempt:) And does the dwipada bhujapidasana with a smiley face. Sachi, another kid-woman, also does the full cobra with a smiley face:)
Have started astavakrasana with some batches, and Manasi also got it on first attempt!! Sharmistha is a heart beat away from the full headstand, and Pallavi has also got the headstand... Yippee!

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