Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Chakras, you and the poses

The chakras are part of yogic sadhana, and toning up, becoming aware, through poses is a great way to re-create yourself. Most yoga teachers have no clue (including I, though in my favor I can offer that I am curious and wanting to learn:) of these things, and offer quick-fix chakra and kundalini workshops which can really not mean much... because the chakras being out of kilter does not happen overnight. And what has taken your entire life-time of wrong thining and doing (and possibly lifetimes, if you believe in karma) cannot be remedied in a one-off  workshop. So this is to open your mind to what you need to do, to clean up, tone up, and make a mint-new you, with your yoga practice. And why you need to strategise all that with sustained practice:)
 How do you know which chakra is out of balance. See the list below, if any of the system inside u is constantly snagging, or you have a personality issue then that is how you locate your problem...

Mooladhara -- situated at the base of spine/pelvis. Deals of organs of elimination. Instinct of self-preservation. TO tone up, use STANDING POSES.

Svadhisthana  -- tailbone. CREATIVITY, SENSUALITY. Uro-genital system. Tone up with HIP-OPENING POSES. 

Manipura -- navel center. POWER. Digestion. Tone u with TWISTS.

Anahata -- heart. LOVE, self love and of others. Breathing, cardio-vascular systems. BACKBENDS.

Vishuddhi- Throat. Communication and listening. Thyroid and upper back/spine. SHOULDERSTANDS AND THOSE THAT WORK THE THROAT.

Ajna. Center of intuition. Wisdom and intuition. Master gland, vision, nervous system.  KAPALABHATI. FORWARD BENDS.

Sahasrara. Crown center. Pineal gland.Nervous system.  MEDITATION, INVERSIONS.
(Each book or author may have something different to say about this. I have loved and lived the book Chakras by Anodea Judith, Ph.D and also been gripped by Harish Johari's book on the same topic. This one, above, list is from the book Myths of the Asanas, by Alanna Kaivalya, Arjuna can der Kooij). 


Sugandha said...

Hey do write something more about what all is given in the book so that people can decide whether to buy it or not.
I love to buy books but due to severe space crunch in my house I have to think a lot before buying one.So do let us know whether it is as valuable as your other reviewed books.

amupmakayastha said...

i m suffering from breast cancer which is of 4th stage.... doctor told my life is totally depend on GOD"s wishes.. bt i have no problem i am doing normal work without any physical problem.....after doctor's consultation we approached for ayurvedic medicine, they told me about possibility of cure..please tell me about yoga and other thing..... i practise pranayama but not regularly.....

amupmakayastha said...

mam i am waiting for your reply and email

Shameem Akthar said...

hi dear. for cancer, the yoga prog has to be very personalised. And also, u have to be careful and phase it. During chemotherapy u must avoid all detox poses (twists, inversions). Inversions to be avoided also otherwise, unless u are in recovery phase. Basic pawanmuktasana -- joint releasing series -- are powerful practices and may be done -- breathing practices are also very tricky and must be phased. Very low ratio of alternate nostril breathing -- and apanasana (belly-breathing) are only recommended. If not depressed,(I mean, clinically) u may add bhramari and ujjayi. Meditation -- yoga nidra (also only when not in a clinically depressed state) must be practiced. This is great if u can manage it on a daily basis. U can listen to audio dhyana on sites like SwamiJ. com.
Read books like Anatomy of an Illness, Norman Cousins, Heal Yourself by Louise L. Hayes, and Lance Armstrong's biography for further motivation and understand how what u think may affect and help and speed u in your recovery. Hope this suffices. Check out Megha Bajaj's book on breast cancer and recovery of her mother --


thank you mam

Sugandha said...

No reply or mention of my post? Although I am not a known face to you but am a regular visitor of your blog.

Shameem Akthar said...

Sugandha:) of course, i know u for a regular. But i wondered how I can do what u request. I believe books must be bought... have reviewed all the books I have mentioned here, and in detail. But deleted them, u know, when my blog disappeared. If i say a book is good, then it is... rest of it is surely experiential. I am doing my best here, sharing. But to give out all a book is about, is , one not fair to the book. A review or an opinion is all I can offer:)