Sunday, June 05, 2011

Daily Health Gyan: aura and u

I prefer and dissuade people from discussing problems they have in a asana/ pose only because  one it creates a nocebo effect ... makes others around think that the pose is difficult or often u will find others beginning to complain of similar issues or pains or difficulties  in a pose. Even one positive person can break this pattern... but equally, a negative person can disrupt the class high. The positivity or negativity of a person, according to David Frawley, whom I admire humungously, says can be seen as a person's aura.... the energy they exude. According to him, the positive aura means the person displays "integrity, creativity,will power."  Any case, according to Frawley, dark-coloured black/blue or purple  gems ward off negative aura(when there are people who either envy u or who are low energy and thus `cannibalise' your energy.) . Red and warm gems energize an aura (when u feel down or negative or low), and nurturing gems like pearls, diamonds, yellow saphire feed your aura (again when u are down or low or ill and feel overwhelmed).
Sometimes, when I write such stuff,  I worry what rationalist scientist best-seller Richard Dawkins will say. Or Stephen Hawking, for instance. It sounds so unscientific, na? Yet, as the bard noted, there are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than was dreamt of in your philosophy:)

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