Thursday, June 09, 2011

In class

Monsoons in Mumbai. These create great somnalence,lethargy and resistance to movement of any kind. So have decided to keep classes lively till the rains and the special mind-clouding dullness they create, pass:) So, in the morning class, we `raced' in the chakrasana walk ... from one end of the hall to another, in the early morning classes. Mayank did it, so too Jit. Mayank is now attempting the handstand... should get it soon. Sharmishta today got the peacock and all my headstand `trainees' -- Khusboo (evening class, returning after a month's gap), Sharmista, and Sarika can hold the final pose rather long and also come down with control. In fact, I think Khusboo held the headstand for a minute almost!! The going up in the headstand for all should soon happen. Aviriana managed the headstand on her own last time. And on Monday Claudia managed long holds in the chakrasana wheel hand-leg variation, overcoming her resistance and admitting that it felt good to do that difficult variation. The best part is that Petros also managed the left lift in the wheel... Others in the early morning batch are now finding out why Nirlamba sirsasana is so tough...And the flexible `lotus' groups in all batches are moving into lotus-shoulderstand, lotus plough and lotus fish... Anupa is lighter in Sun salute.. Pallavi can do headstand on her own! Have started focusing more on kapalabhati and steady sun salutes, also in response to the monsoons, since that will boost immunity marvellously...

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