Sunday, June 26, 2011

In class

Started on headstand twists.Quite an extreme pose, and makes me shaky even now since it completely can tilt u over in a very awkward fashion, over the neck, so must be negotiated very carefully and respectfully. But my students have cracked it -- Jit, Sonia, Claudia, Sai have got it! And Mayank managed that in the nirlamba sirasana!! Heavens, even I have not tried that! Scorpion is happening, by and by... Some students are doing the standalone, though with me still behind them... soon the day when I don't need to be standing behind. Just cracked why Sonia tumbles in the scorpion: she is visualizing walking in it, so that when we are standing and admiring her scorpion, suddenly one elbow lifts. Hey, the mind, and its tricks again!!:) We can now sort that demon, so her scorpion becomes truly awesome...
We all did twists in the shoulderstand too, and the parsvahalasana (side plough). Very nice. Even my beginners, Khusboo and others managed it. Petros has finally cracked the leg lifts in the wheel. Despite feeling out of kilter, he still managed it thrice! He did it thrice to prove that it was not a fluke...:) Maya was put into the headstand, and she is light, so went up nicely there! First time... The teacher feels just like a mother who is watching her baby toddling about, nervous but thrilled!!

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