Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Yesterday's answer, today's query

ANSWER: The forgiving center, in your chakras, is the heart center. At your chest. If you suffer from holding on to past grievances, u can suffer from low immunity, bad breathing, high blood pressure, heart problems, lung issues. U may think this is all poppy-cock, but I can see that as a matter of pattern with some students, and u want to clean that up... either with a steady practice that wrings that out of your body,or by meditation which brings up things u wish to change in yourself. Ideally both should be practiced together -- the meditation and the heart poses (backbends).

QUERY: With  which center / or chakra is will power closely associated? The reason for these queries is to open your mind to the possibility that the poses you hold take you beyond the physicality of your experience in it... something else also is touched, that will fall in place by and by? But it is all happening, be assured, with yoga. Regularity is the key..;)

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