Friday, July 08, 2011

In class

U may be wondering why I have not blogged about this section for long... just discovered that it seems to set off the evil eye. I mean, I rrrrraved about a student and he/she decides to drop out for this month since he is busy partying!! . Then I raved about another student, how great she was and she develops some problem that comes from shopping more than yoga, but somehow the person feels it is yoga!  Then another student I talk about develops this and another student develops that... And the scorpion progress, when I rave about it, students are falling about like nine-pins and so on and so forth. Maybe I should stop writing about my students.... either it goes to their head, or somebody is misreading some pot shot I had taken at somebody else, or they are developing this or that. Better I stop all this???!!


pv said...

no re . use initials. tell ppl the good things u ve written bout them specifically. use disclaimers but keep writing. it may help others.

Anonymous said...

If we say that Yoga is not based in achievement but in the' intention' during our individual practice then it is up to all to be responsible for ourselves - there are no excuses to anyone but maybe ourselves ...............and then they still remain excuses!!!!!!!!!!!! Suzanne

Synchronicity Diva said...

Just start bitching about them so they stay and take a revenge by mastering the asanas you teach ;-)