Thursday, July 07, 2011

Lady Gaga does yoga!

Something about the yoga mat seems to bring out the exhibitionist in some people, especially women( a yoga mat is the ideal place for boob-butt show. Beats the bikini or beach any day!! I have some rather lovable students who are inclined that way too!!) and for somebody like lady Gaga, then the exhibitionism must be outre, to outdo any other woman around about a million miles away!:)   This is the celeb at Taipei's Pure Yoga studio, wearing  a c tru netty thingie, with gold and bling and spikes and stuff.  I like the mat best:) 

I am sure she was very  focused on the mat .Most celebs are that way. I wonder about the guy behind her, I mean:  if he could do his sadhana well or at all that day!!

And apparently even after a 90-minute concert (with 30 costume changes) she landed up at a yoga studio at Capitol Hill for a noon class. It shows why REAL  celebs (not your reality show monsters) make the sort of money they do: DISCIPLINE!! I admire that about them...

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