Monday, July 25, 2011

Massage , meditation and method

I used to have a massage lady earlier who had a lot of anger seething in her, sometimes, because I am listening, she will talk about niggling or big things bothering her life in that moment (Some client made her wait, her ex-husband refused to buy festival clothes for her kids, stuff like that, which even otherwise I hate hearing!).
U can ask my family, but I would fall violently ill, and in a totally unpredictable way, after a what was otherwise a lovely massage. It seemed so strange since I have never been that way sick since I started yoga. I assumed that there was some sort of negative energy transference happening, without any intention from her side, that was affecting me that way! I have no other explanation ... I have become wary of taking alternative therapy  without knowing its impact on me, simply because a bad job of a good thing can be the worst thing u ever did to yourself!!

Any case. this is not to give u a summary of the book Ayurveda Massage by Harish Johari. It is a recommendation of that fantastic book because as far as I can see, of all the books on massage I have, it has a list of contraindications on when massage MAY NOT be done (when u have a cold, sinusitis, for instance, did u know that!?)
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Here a few more things u may want to know, but more on the positive side:
  • Massaging your temples improves focus. 
  • Sandalwood paste on forehead quietens, cools the mind. 
  • Eyebrow massage (which is why we do palming, but most people do that so cursorily, including in my class and I am tired of keeping on telling students  that they must spend some effort and seconds in holding the final position of the hands). 
  • Forehead massage improves focus. 

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