Thursday, July 28, 2011

What asana practice must mean...

The body should be trained to be motionless for a prolonged period without discomfort or pain: Nadabindu Upanishad

The three worlds are conquered by him who has mastered posture: Trishikibrahmanopanishad

For body purification and yogic (spiritual sucess) posture is absolutely essential: Rudrayamalatantra

Posture makes the mind calm: Tantrarajatantra

Practice of posture makes body disease-free, firm and efficient: Grahayamala

Physical movements are not helpful in themselves, nor does concentration along bring success. One who combines concentration with physical control achieves success and becomes immortal: Ishopanishad

The yogi should use his body as the lower piece of wood, and pranava (aum) as the upper piece of wood; strike them together till fire of realisation is kindled: Shwetashvataropanishad

When the yogi attains a body purified by yoga-fire he becomes free from decay and disease, his youth is prolonged and he lives long. He experiences superiod smell, taste, dight, touch and sound.: Ibid

Asana when mastered can destroy all diseases, even assimilate poisons. If it is not possible to master all the asanas master only one and be comfortable with it: Shailyopanishad
(A youthful Swami Vishnudevananda, executing the full scorpion pose. He is the founder of the Sivananda genre of yoga to which I adhere:)

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