Monday, August 22, 2011

Charging scorpion, a new high in

The first one is a rather tough wobble pose... U lift your head off with the hands interlocked in the headstand and that becomes the charging scorpion. Unlike with the headstand or the scorpion, the pressure (like in the sidecrow) shifts to the edge of the joint which is holding u up. So, initially it can be a rather tricky pose. Staying up is a real high because it provides a lot of wobble to battle:)
The second one is just a version of the scorpion where, if you peacock feather pose is good, you can shift one leg into the other, as shown. it is quite simple, if your basic form in the scorpion is strong and comfortable.

The scorpion variations are very exciting. Unlike with the headstand where only balance and strenght is required, the scorpion needs a lot of flexibility to hold longer. So ideally u should up your ante with the scorpion as u go along in your practice. Extending the stay in it and being fearless of a fall:)
Happy sadhana!!!

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