Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Flowing from handstand to cobra: easy vinyasa

Just tried it. And as u can see, the camera was placed sideways:( New flow, hence the excitement, the silly grin and the hustle-bustle feeling to this flow:)
But flowing from a handstand, dropping legs straight into the cobra was fun. This was my first attempt at this... .
Additions to this flow: U could lift up into the mountain, and flow more into the chaturangadandasana. Nice one. None of my students yet doing handstand:( So cannot try this stunt on them! But soon.

What u need:
What you need, I realise, while trying it is a light drop with legs straight behind. Needs focused landing, on toes. And ideally you must sweep into the adhomukasvanasana (upward facing dog pose -- which is an advanced version of the cobra) ... I just swept up into the simple cobra... but soon:)

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